Lemonade, Anyone?

March 6, 2017

I've been thinking about the intersectionality of the fitness community - how weight loss, bodybuilding, powerlifting, functional fitness, yoga, pilates, nutrition, etc. overlap and impact us and how we treat our bodies. What I've realized is that many of us don't fit into a single, solitary health box. We're not just bodybuilders, powerlifters, yogis, marathon runners, crossfitters, druggies or natties, health freaks, flexible dieters, paleos, juicers, bbg-ers, or gym rats.... Our identities overlap... our philosophies intermingle... our lifestyles cross. 
So who am I? 
I'm not just in it to lose weight. 
I'm not just in it to make gains. 
I'm not just in it to train harder... to run farther... to look better. 
I'm in it to be healthy. 
I'm in it for it all. 
And that means sometimes, roads aren't for me. 
So this is my fitness belief... I will not sacrifice my health for my physique. There are so many gimmicks, diets, and methods that promise you results but require you to sacrifice your overall health. Pills that shed weight but mess with your hormones. Diets that cut fat but strip your nutrients. Programs that make gains but destroy your body. 
And I'm standing up and saying no.... no to the drugs and the drips, the cinchers and restricters, the tricks of the trade to help you shed weight. Here's the deal... NOTHING will ever be more important or more precious than your health. Nothing is harder to regain once lost. 
We're confronted with our philosophies from time to time.... we make tough decisions. I spent years being obese - wearing down my body, my heart, my knees, and my self worth. I refuse to put my health at risk for the quick fix, the bikini body, the perfect physique. So here's what I will do - I will cherish my health. I will treat my body and my mentality with kindness and compassion. I will feed it the fuel it needs - both on my plate and in my mind. I will be kind to it. I will protect it. The world is quick to tell us what we should be, say, do. They tell us thin is in, curvy is cool, body love is trending, internet hate is viral... I'm here to tell you that protecting your mental and physical health will always be in.🍋


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