How'd I Get Started

May 1, 2014


I started in March 2014 at over 300 pounds. I didn't have a diet plan specifically. I also hadn't had any surgery or used any specific weight loss products on my journey. This was the first month into my journey. I didn't have a routine. I ate clean and followed the old adage "more calories out; less calories in". That first month was the proof I needed to know I could stick to something. It was also the wake up call that I could enjoy getting fit. Fitness makes you stronger in every sense of the word. 



So here's a breakdown of the changes I made:

1.  I started getting physical. 

I adopted a really simple weightlifting routine and used resources like and youtube fitness influencers to help me hack the gym.  

I also implemented a couple low intensity cardio sessions a week.  When I started, I couldn't climb a set of stairs without getting winded. I'd ride the bus to class two blocks away. Simply, cardio wasn't my thing, so when I began, I aimed for about 20 minutes of low intensity work on a cross trainer or high incline treadmill. 

2. I quit eating junk (most of the time)

When I started, I went cold turkey on all the temptations and treats that'd become an everyday staple in my diet.  I wasn't just the girl who'd grab a bag of chips. I was the one with my cart loaded with a cake, an ice cream bar, an oven-baked pizza, deli food, and a bag of green grapes. For a night.  Instead, I ate lots of protein and completely removed sugars and starches in the beginning.  My diet at over 300 lbs. was essentially five meals a day with about 8 oz of protein and a large serving of green vegetables.  As I studied nutrition and health, I adjusted things, but the majority of my weight loss was due to sticking to SIMPLE. 

3. I stopped making excuses

Last and most important. I kept showing up. Those days where I wasn't feeling it... they were no longer a reason not to show it. It became mandatory.  I'd scheduled a meeting with myself every day and bosses don't cancel. 

On days I screwed up, I showed up the next day. 



One month in I couldn't believe how far I'd come. Daily 💪 for thirty days. That was a big deal to me. Now I know the journey is just beginning. Fitness isn't a goal. It's a daily decision. It doesn't matter what shape you're in. It's the daily decision to be better and work harder than you did the day before. This was one month in. This is only the beginning. 

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