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Sometimes the hardest struggle isn't under the bar. It's on our plates.  My first piece of advice - track you food for a few days.  Whether that's on an app like MyFitnessPal or Loseit, with a coach, or just in a small notebook you keep with you.  Create a log of what your diet looks like. Not what it should look like. Don't bother fluffing the numbers or hiding the bad - this is just for you.  Once you've got an idea where you're starting, you're ready to start making changes.  

First, find out what you should be eating. You can click on that link or do your own research.

Now it's time to fill in that diet with some food! Some people like to choose a food philosophy to make things a little easier. You've got your Paleo, Keto, Atkins, etc. so I've included resources for all of those. Don't be afraid to go digging for diamonds in other philosophies for yummy, healthy recipes. Sharing is caring! Below is a list of beginning resources for finding healthy, nutritious meals and recipes.


Getting Started: Fitness


Each of the headings below is a clickable link with explanations of each philosophy.


Here's a list a resources for healthy eating, meal prep, and nutritional knowledge. 



Ultimate Paleo Guide 

Paleo Grubs

Mark's Daily Apple 

The Paleo Diet



Diet Doctor

The Complete Keto Beginner's Guide

Dr. Axe



Atkins: Recipes


Clean Eating:

25 Recipes



Don't forget Pinterest! It's a goldmine of great ideas! 

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