How much weight did I lose?

I started at about 314 lbs. but the last time I stepped on the scale, I was at 304. I now sit at around 185 lbs.

How long did it take to lose the weight?

I lost almost all my weight in the first 10 months of healthy living. I have since devoted my training to shaping and sculpting my body, improving my physical strength and stamina, and changing my mentality around fitness and health.

How did I start my weight loss journey?

I started with a 30 day commitment to myself. I cut out everything from my diet except clean proteins and green vegetables and adopted a 5+ day /week weightlifting and cardio regiment for one month. That was my lightning strike. From there, I fell in love with fitness and health.

Do you have programs?

My beginner programs are 

available here and are designed to help progress you toward your goals in the gym, at home, and in the kitchen.

Do you have loose skin?

If so,have you

had surgery?

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Yes, I have loose skin. This is a typical consequence of drastic weight loss. I've been lucky that my case isn't too severe.  I've minimized the effects through weightlifting, staying hydrated, and slow, steady fat loss.


I do intend to have surgery to have it removed, a journey which I will share very transparently on my Instagram and other platforms.

If you could give one piece of advice to those  starting, what would it be? 

Start every single day as Day One.

Whether yesterday was a success or a disaster, start fresh.  Go in with your goals in clear focus and your determination burning bright.  Your journey isn't about "One Day". It's about hundreds of "Day Ones".

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