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Here's a list of resources for getting started in the gym or at home.  Find something you love and do it over and over. has lots of free plans that are effective and useful without having to run out and buy a fitness magazine.

On that note, if you can skip the pages and pages of ads trying to sell you the trick to your perfect body, you'll find lots of great resources in magazines like Women's Health and Health Magazine.  

If you're open to it, lots of "men's" magazines like Men's Health, Muscle and Fitness, and Flex Magazine, have great, simple workouts that utilize the gym or bodyweight.

If you choose to use a magazine program, try to stick to it as you would an in-gym program for at least a month. Train hard and see results.


Another great resource when training is Youtube.  Below is a list of Youtubers who provide amazing resources and programs for free on their channels:

Cassey Ho

Mark Bell

Jeff Cavaliere and AthleanXX (for women)

Scott Herman

Caleb Marshall

Getting Started: Fitness


Each of the headings below is a clickable link with explanations of each philosophy.

Here's a list a resources for healthy eating, meal prep, and nutritional knowledge. 


Ultimate Paleo Guide 

Paleo Grubs

Mark's Daily Apple 

The Paleo Diet


Diet Doctor

The Complete Keto Beginner's Guide

Dr. Axe


Atkins: Recipes


Clean Eating:

25 Recipes



Don't forget Pinterest! It's a goldmine of great ideas! 

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